Securing your business from Cyber attacks

Online presence has done miracles for all kinds of businesses, be it small , medium enterprise or be it a conglomerate. Internet has given access to wide customer base across globe. With complex but efficient and evolving supply-chain solutions, you can buy raw materials from Asia and send end products to customers in Europe as if you are dealing with neighbours.

And in these difficult times due to COVID, most of us are still able to continue daily job related tasks, organizations are able to reach their business goals by leveraging technology for ‘Working From Home’.

With growing business and comfort, enterprises are also experiencing massive growth in data which is generated as a result of business communications, software processing and financial transactions. This data is one of the most valuable asset for organizations who it’s importance, even for organization who are yet to find potential of data. But it won’t come as a surprise to you when we say that there is a community of unethical hackers who also know that there is a price you or someone else will pay for getting your data.

We all have heard about cyber-attacks in which sensitive business data as well as customer data was stolen. Cyber attackers are now not only stealing data but also making data unusable by encryption for demanding ransoms. Bulk stolen information is being sold in dark web market places depending on the type of information. For example, driving licenses are being sold for whooping $550,a cloned American Express with PIN is being sold for $35 at dark web market places while hacked instagram, facebook accounts are being sold for about $100!

We do understand that businesses cannot stop communicating over emails or online meetings and certainly can’t avoid collecting customer information. But, at the same time, businesses need to accept ethical and operational responsibilities that come with any kind of data. And this is where ‘Cyber Security’ practices come into picture.

We all know that each nation in this world devote major chunk of their annual budget for national security. And its high-time that organizations start following same. It’s important for an organization to be vigilant and to have secure IT infrastructure. Such tasks of implementing Cyber Security Practices may seem complex and cumbersome and its best to leave this task to experts so that businesses can focus on their core activities.

We, at Infotechner can help you to make your online presence secure and to make your information fort stronger against cyber-attacks. To achieve this, our pool of Security experts will provide all necessary services as follows:

Security Audit:

In this step, we will deeply analyze your current infrastructure to identify all possible security gaps. This will consist of in-depth review of IT device configurations, implementations, network security checks. Once done, a report will be shared with our findings and suggestions to secure existing infrastructure.

Penetration testing:

We all have heard stories where thinking from the enemy perspective has led to big wins. This is what we do in penetration testing. With our globally recognized tools, we will take a position of hackers and try to gain unauthorized access to your systems or even we will try to crash your systems. This way, we will be able to recognize weak entry points in your infrastructure which need to be secured.

Network security design and implementation:

Network is a backbone of any IT infrastructure and if this backbone if breached then all devices connected to this network are exposed for malicious attacks. Hence it is important to design network considering performance along with security aspects. This can be achieved by introducing network systems such as secure firewall and DMZ implementations. Our certified network and security experts will be happy to work together and help you achieve fast, efficient and secure network.

End-point security implementation:

Each device, whether connected to internet or not, must have an ani-malware solution. This is a great way to identify suspicious system, cyber activities to stop attacks and threats before they do any damage. These threats can be virus, trojans, adware, worms or even toolkits. Our security experts, who have extensive experience in such security implementations will help you implement best available ‘End-point protection’ implementation which leverages technologies such as AI and Machine learning.

Email Security:

Email is a primary mode for business communication and often, sensitive information is shared among employees of any enterprise as a part of day-to-day job. Also, Email is a way to communicate with outside world as well. Hence, its considered as most attractive entry point to enter in company network and to steal information. But with Email specific solutions such as MS O365 Data-Loss Prevention and MailProtector, such unauthorized access can be avoided. We will help you configure such email protection suitable to your needs which will provide all necessary security from breach, monitoring of emails and enforcement of government regulation such as GDPR, HIPAA is possible using provided solutions.

Vulnerability Management:

With new developments, breakthroughs happening every day in technology trends, it is difficult to keep-up and know about every new way to exploit security gaps in IT solutions. This is why Vulnerability Management plays critical role. In Vulnerability Management, our experts at Infotechner use specially designed and AI powered solution which initially fetches all the ways by which hackers can gain unauthorized access to IT devices or software. And in second stage, same solution scans target systems to identify any such vulnerabilities are present. If found, a report is generated with details of vulnerable target and how it can be fixed. This is a great example of ‘Prevention is better than cure’ in terms of cyber security practices.

Cyber security awareness:

Spending any amount of budget will never be enough if employees who actually use IT infrastructure are not aware about basic understanding of Cyber Attacks and its implications. Hence, we will be happy to provide periodic Cyber security trainings (Classroom or online) which will basic understanding of Cyber security threats, best practices to avoid or detect such threats. Each trainee will also be awarded a certificate post completion of quick, short but comprehensive quiz specially designed for each organization.

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