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As a data analytic company in Arizona, each of your business information and statistic will have a story to tell about Data Analytics, where your organization stands and where it’s headed. Our Data Analytics & BI experts at Infotechner will help you to configure tools like Power BI, SQL Reporting, Oracle Analytics using which your employees will be empowered to create every type of graph, charts, business reports which will turn out to be better than thousand words.

Infotechner Arizona, data and analytics services & solutions can help you unlock powerful analytics insights by tapping into data you didn’t even know you had.

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Data Analytics Service & Solutions

SQL Server Reporting

Infotechner will help you configure this on-premise tool using which you can create, deploy and provide descriptive and attractive reports. With an option to include pictorial representations in the form of graphs, images, tables and charts,  SSRS allows better and more accurate complex Decision-making mechanism for the end users.

SQL Server Integration

We at Infotechner know from our experience that organizational data can never be at same place, in same format. But using SSIS, all this data can be extracted and stored in uniform format so that you may combine information, define workflow, embed calculations without single line of code with this amazing piece of software.

SQL Server Analysis

Collecting all organizational data at one place can be great start. But this start will lead to nothing if we don’t have a way to analyze this data. This is where SSAS comes into picture. This service is used to analyze huge amounts of data and apply to business decisions by creating your custom multidimensional business models.

Power BI

Using Power BI, you can visualize your data to gain insights about what’s going on in your organization as well as in world outside. With Power BI, interesting and useful interactive dashboards can be built based on the data collected from numerous data sources. It comes with secure but natural ease of use which is usually associated with every Microsoft product.

Power Apps

Power Apps is a new way of working on and sharing organizational reports. With this solution, users can build their reports in the form of App and such app can kept at organized place called ‘workspace’. This can be similar to Apple or Android playstore of Power BI reports. Making life easier and productive at the same time.

Power Automate

Power Automate has been introduced by Microsoft to automate manual tasks which we do every day without adding any value to our skill set. Any individual or organization can opt for this service to greatly reduce efforts being invested into repetitive tasks by defining workflows and become more productive with each automation.