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Business Central – Microsoft Dynamics 365

Business Central is an innovative and comprehensive business management solution from Microsoft. It is an easy-to-use, cloud-based system that helps small and medium-sized businesses improve efficiency, streamline processes and save time and money.

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Business Central Functions and Features

Business Central provides a comprehensive suite of features and functionality to help your business succeed. It offers powerful financial management tools, inventory and order management capabilities, and integrated reporting and analytics. Additionally, it offers flexible customization options, mobile access, and integration with other business applications. With these tools, you can easily streamline and optimize your business processes, helping you make better decisions, stay on top of your finances, and keep your customers happy.

Business Central for Sales and Marketing

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s selling and marketing capabilities help you reduce time to cash by integrating accounting and sales functions. Link your marketing and sales teams, so that you can respond promptly to sales-related inquiries directly from Outlook. Plus, with multiple ship-to/billing addresses for each customer – including direct shipping and invoice addresses – is now easier than ever.

Business Central for Service Management

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s capabilities in contract management, warranties, SLAs or mobile service management can improve efficiency at work by automating contract management processes, enforcing important processes and ensuring your service staff meet SLAs – all while increasing customer loyalty!

Business Central for Financial Management

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s features make financial close a breeze and give you invaluable insight into your company’s performance. Plus, with secure data exchange between you and your accountant, you gain more control over both budgeting and cash flow.

Business Central for Reporting & Analytics

Dynamics 365 Business Central can centralize all your financial management data in sales, accounting, purchase, inventory and customer interactions to give you a comprehensive overview of your business. With connected processes, predictive analytics and real-time data at your disposal, it will be easier than ever before for you to make faster, informed decisions.

Business Central for Order Processing

Dynamics 365 Business Central makes it easy to manage and oversee the purchasing and sales process by automating workflows and keeping inventory levels accurate. You can prevent fraudulence or unnecessary purchases with approvals, plus edit invoices posted directly into your financial management system and make any necessary corrections.

Business Central for Warehouse Management

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s Warehouse Management features integrate extensive organizational data, automate manual processes, connect workflows and processes, and enable an inventory management system based on facts. This gives managers complete visibility into their business margins, profits, and potential for improvement.