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What is Power BI?

Power BI is a pack of various business intelligence tools and techniques to analyze business data. This tool allows easy connection to the data resources. These tools include Power BI desktop, Power BI service, Power BI apps and many more.

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A quick connect with data resources

Power BI supports a multitude of data sources that that make it easier for a user to get insights swiftly with an uncompleted setup of data and also help them to compile the reports.

High Level Performance

A pivot data modelling is a database in column form in Power BI, which remarkably compresses the size of original data like from 1GB to 200MB, which improves the performance ratio.

Real-Time Information and Visualization

In Power BI, dashboards update in real time, which gives users to solve problems easily. Any report or dashboard in Power BI display real-time data. We can also give the auto-generated reports an extra touch by custom visualizations.

Ability to Customize Power BI App

The feature “app navigation” gives customize navigation that will help users to find content quickly and also make them to understand the difference between reports and dashboards.

Ability to Customize Security Features

Developers can set-up basic level security filters to ensure that viewers can only see a data which is relevant to them, alleviating the risk of people seeing data they shouldn’t.

Cortana Integration

Power BI works with Microsoft’s digital assistant and that is Cortana. Users can verbally ask questions in any language to access graphs and charts. This features is especially useful for the users having mobile devices.

Easy-to-use Interface

Power BI tool has very easy to use interface. Even the user not having prior knowledge and experience about Power BI, can use Power BI. Just after selecting the required attributes for the reports, the tool automatically suggest the best reporting element and also makes the map chart after selecting the proper attributes.

Ease of Learning

Power BI was built on the basic platform of MS Excel and also follows the similar approach for designing and maintaining reports. As we all know Excel is widely known to all around the globe, which makes Power BI easy to use as well. And if anyone not getting about Power BI, the learning guide will help users to go ahead.

Cost Effectiveness

Power BI is free and users can create simple or complex reports and dashboards using it. Even pro license of Power BI is affordable only at US10$ per month. Even for the larger, Power BI has a premium option of customization of cost based on usage.

In short, Power BI is able to drive better experience to the users and better decision making in businesses through its ability to provide impressive and interactive reports. In addition, Power BI keeps the data secure and also includes end to end encryption. It also provides real time access. Plus Power BI tool has the ability to connect to data anywhere with large number of connectors across the globe.

Power BI is having the greatest capability of transforming insights to action using Microsoft Power Platform. In addition, Power BI mobile gives the best experience to the mobile users. It is also having the feature of data loss prevention through Microsoft cloud app security.