• Managed IT Services or ITSM

Emphasis on what really matters for your business enterprise while we manage your applications & cloud infrastructure.

Infotechner a managed it service provider in Arizona with vast experience in setting up and managing infrastructures, we can guarantee you reliable, efficient, secure and yet cost-effective IT infrastructure based on your needs.

W can help you design your IT infrastructure which will consist of configuring user system, network devices like firewall and routers, security solutions like ‘Data Loss Prevention’ and anti-malwares as well as management of your custom applications using DevOps practices along with periodic maintenance support.

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Components Of Our Managed Information Technology Services

Endpoint management

We know that managing, monitoring and maintaining end user systems, deploying new softwares to each of these systems is a cumbersome task. But with expertise of analysts at infotechner, we can help you with this by leveraging endpoint management solutions such as SCCM, Intune to keep your systems secure, up-to-date and running.

Security solutions

It’s important to protect ourselves, our privacy, information, enterprise data from hackers once we are connected to the internet. Our security experts can help you to strengthen your IT infrastructure and configure security solutions such as intelligent anti-malware solutions. We will also help you train your staff to be vigilant, careful with possible scenarios which may cause security breach.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud services such as AWS, MS Azure and O365 offers a great way to fulfill complex infrastructure requirements by providing solutions like O365 for secure email and MS TEAMS as collaboration tool or IT services such as IAAS (Infra as a service) and DBAAS (DB as a service). Our Cloud enablers at Infotechner can help you to utilize this technology as per every need of yours.

On Premise

Our certified IT infra analysts from Infotechner can help you design, setup, monitor, maintain and improve performance of backbone infra components including all types of servers (application, DB, email, LDAP etc) and storage solutions (NAS, SAN).


With ever increasing complexity of IT solutions and implementation of Agile methodology, its important to move towards DevOps practices. DevOps engineer at Infotech can help you implement best of the solutions to achieve highest speed, reliability, security and scalability.


We have a pool of highly experienced, certified network experts who can help you design, optimize and secure your infrastructure networks by analyzing, configuring network devices such as switches, routers, firewalls and internet gateways.