• Custom Database Development

Its of critical importance to have your database designed using different database software or from a experienced database development company as per your business solution needs. We develop all kinds of database software solutions, providing custom-tailored database platforms to all industry types and business sizes.

And once design is ready, selection of appropriate technology such as MS SQL, Oracle, SQL Azure etc plays vital role in performance of the database post implementation.

From Database Application Development to data Integration & Migration Services

Based in Arizona our database design experts at Infotechner will take care of all these activities so that you can leverage power of your data without any hesitance.

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Custom Database Development Services and Software

SQL Server

Due to ease of installation and configuration, several editions, enhanced performance and low cost of ownership, this Microsoft DB solution can be best choice for your on-premise database requirements.

SQL Azure

In this cloud-centric era, if you are looking for highly available, intelligent database then our team will help you to achieve just same by implementing your database in SQL Azure.


Due to extensive features like database security, on-demand scalability, assurance of 24*7 uptime, platform independence & comprehensive transactional support, MySQL is popular choice among developers while designing database solution.